Company Overview:
Turn-Key Tunneling, Inc. was founded in 2005 and is a leading provider as a trench-less excavation contractor. We specialize in auger boring, tunneling, pipe jacking, slip lining, and vertical shaft construction.

Job Description:
The purpose of this position is to thoroughly understand, follow plans, and specifications in all aspects of construction projects. The Foreman will have experience and knowledge of all equipment used in construction projects, including the excavator, boring machine, crane, front end loader, etc. Any experience and knowledge involving tunneling and auger boring will be a valuable attribute to attaining this position. They will be responsible for the timely and accurate completion of jobs assigned. He/she must have effective leadership abilities, and effectively communicate job plans and sequence of activities to all subcontractors and material suppliers to effectively implement our goals. The Foreman must be able to set the example and effectively hire and lead the crew to accomplish company goals.

The qualified individual must be able to manage projects and crew members. He/she must have a basic understanding of survey and laser principles of measurement and mapping; able to operate all types of equipment used on the job; and perform basic repairs in the field and preventative maintenance. Must be a competent certified welder. CDL is a positive. Must have the ability to present information to managers, subordinates, clients, and customers. Must have strong math skills, including the ability to compute rate, ratio, and percentages. Must be able to problem solve. Must be able to take initiative to define the problem, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions, while interpreting an extensive variety of technical instruction in mathematical or diagram form, and dealing with several abstract and concrete variable job specifics. This position requires extended hours and travel. Must be able to withstand varying climate conditions as most work is performed outdoors.

Essential Functions and Organizational Skills:
Organize and manage day-to-day aspects of completing the assigned job in an efficient and timely manner. Administer all job reports (ex. Time sheets, field qty reports, etc.), receipts, inspection reports, shipping papers, etc. to the office in a timely and accurate fashion. Schedule and maintain daily goals and plans to ensure timely and efficient job site management. Ensure that project production/task lists are done and completed in an accurate and timely fashion. Ensure all safety regulations are followed by Company employees. Ensure permits, labor notices, safety rules & regulations are understood and complied with. Maintain inventory control over job site materials, tools, equipment, ascertaining that movable tools are returned and all other equipment is adequately secured. Help schedule efficient equipment mobilization and material delivery. Ensure timely return of rental equipment. Ensure that work truck is maintained and kept in a neat and orderly state at all times. Make sure all equipment, tools, and supplies on the work truck are accounted for, replenished, maintained, and ready at all times.

Leadership Skills:
Effectively schedule, manage, inspect and log all work to ensure timely completion, quality workmanship, and proper safety procedure. Inform and deal with crew members on issues such as, rain events, time off, tardiness, work schedules, employee reviews, job site disputes, etc. Review and recommend ideas or procedures to help improve job site productivity. Facilitate good job site training procedures for new employees. Ensure safety is a priority at all times. Set the example and lead by it.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
Review all job schedules, completion dates, plans, and cost breakdown of the job. Attain a thorough knowledge of the plans and specifications for each project assigned, and maintain a high standard of quality control at all times. Ascertain all proper maintenance of traffic is in place at all times and the project is secured each night. Maintain good relationships with inspectors, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, contractors, and any other key people connected with the project. Provide, review, and implement proper safety, traffic control and erosion control per engineered plans or local government rules such as OSHA, DOT, MSHA, etc.

Additional Requirements:
OSHA 30-Hr Certification

High school diploma or general education degree; and three years or more of related supervisory experience working with utility/trenchless equipment.

How to Apply:
If you have the desire and feel you are ready to work in a high-performance, fast-paced environment, apply today.