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Whenever horizontal clearances cannot be maintained, or the depth of excavation is such that standard excavating equipment cannot be used, a vertical shaft may be the answer. Turn – Key Tunneling can perform vertical shafts from eight (8) feet in diameter to over fifty (50) feet in diameter. Vertical shafts can be used for manholes, pump stations, connections to deep sewers, foundations and other items requiring a deep excavation within a limited surface area.
There are several benefits associated with our vertical shafts. They include:
  • The depth of excavation is not limited to the reach capacity of a hydraulic excavator.
  • No piling is required, therefore any excessive vibration to existing structures is eliminated.
  • Shaft plates and reinforcing ribs allow us to grout the outside of the shaft so that no voids exist between the liner and the excavated soil.

A typical work shaft for our tunneling operations is limited to less than twenty-four feet in diameter. For design / build projects, our in-house Professional Engineer can custom design the appropriate shaft for your specific requirements.

KEY Projects

Emergency Sink Hole Repair, Jackson, OH

Projects Jackson County, OH Emergency Sink Hole Repair Jackson County, OH a 15′ sink hole developed on the North Bound shoulder on US 35 and water was being retained and threatened to flood a 30-acre parcel. ODOT assessed the situation and determined that an unknown 96-in. corrugated metal pipe (CMP)

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Hand Mine Tunneling, Arlington, VA

Projects Arlington County, VA Holiday Inn Express Working for Dittmar Building Company on a Holiday Inn Express in Arlington County, Virginia: Turn-Key Tunneling furnished and installed four working shafts (A-18’ Diameter, B-15’ Diameter, C-16’ Diameter, D-16’ Diameter). The project further included a 60” Diameter tunnel with 36” Diameter HOBAS carrier

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Design-Build Project, Belmont, OH

Projects Belmont County, OH Design Build Project A collapsed drain culvert created flooding in Belmont County, OH. Turn-Key Tunneling, Inc. was contacted to investigate and find a solution. The Turn-Key team assessed the issue as a deteriorated and collapsed culvert that needed excavated and replaced. Turn-Key replaced the culvert, restored

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