Jackson County, OH

Emergency Sink Hole Repair

Jackson County, OH a 15' sink hole developed on the North Bound shoulder on US 35 and water was being retained and threatened to flood a 30-acre parcel. ODOT assessed the situation and determined that an unknown 96-in. corrugated metal pipe (CMP) had corroded to the point of failure and collapsed. ODOT immediately installed an emergency bypass pumping operation to lower the water level but they knew that a big rain event would cause substantial flooding.

Turn-key met with ODOT and determined that a 24-ft diameter liner plate access shaft would be large enough to swallow the existing sink hole and provide a working area for pipe cleanout and relining if necessary. Once the shaft was completed, Turn-Key tunneled out the failed culvert and replaced with 2-flange tunnel liner plate for a total of 60 lf. Turn-key then cleaned out the remaining 357 lf of the existing CMP and determined that several areas had failed and either needed to be individually repaired or the entire project relined. ODOT requested a price comparison and decided it would be best suited to reline the existing with 72-in. Duromaxx pipe. The pipe is being relined. FK Engineering was involved on the design/engineering.


Ohio Department of Transportation


Turn-Key Tunneling, Inc.

Project Personnel:

Brian Froehlich, PE, Project Engineer - Turn-Key Tunneling Inc.; Elliot Baum, Project Coordinator - Turn-Key Tunneling Inc.; Gary Ison, Superintendent - Turn-Key Tunneling Inc.; Zach Achaff PE, Project Engineer - ODOT.