Arlington County, VA

Holiday Inn Express

Working for Dittmar Building Company on a Holiday Inn Express in Arlington County, Virginia:

Turn-Key Tunneling furnished and installed four working shafts (A-18’ Diameter, B-15’ Diameter, C-16’ Diameter, D-16’ Diameter).

The project further included a 60” Diameter tunnel with 36” Diameter HOBAS carrier pipe and grout backfill (Three runs of 109’, 320’, and 34’ lf)

Turn-Key finished four manholes with connections of one 12” local sanitary and two 8” local sanitary lines via open cut method, Bypass pumping, Dewatering, and Design Assistance.


January 2021


Holiday Inn Express


Dittmar Building Company
8321 Old Courthouse Rd, Ste 300
Vienna, VA 22182


Turn-Key Tunneling, Inc.
1247 Stimmel Rd.
Columbus, OH 43223


Arlington County, VA