Emergency Culvert & Sewer Repairs

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“Out of sight, out of mind” describes many of the existing culverts, storm sewers, underdrains, etc. currently in use around the country. Culvert and sewer deterioration often goes undetected until it is too badly deteriorated or until there is a catastrophic collapse. These culverts and sewers are often in remote locations, uneven terrain, or surrounded by a myriad of other utilities making them a hassle to constantly monitor and evaluate.

Turn-Key Tunneling incorporates a systematic approach to accessing culverts:

  • Visually inspect the current culvert and identify the cause of the problem
  • Determine structural integrity of culvert and condition
  • Formulate best means for repair whether being trenchless or open-cut
  • Install new culvert, storm sewer, underdrain, etc.
Turn-Key Tunneling performs these operations on a daily basis and is current on the latest best practices and techniques to minimize costs.  Whether it be conventional hand-mine tunneling, pipe jacking, microtunneling, auger boring, pipe ramming, horizontal directional drilling, or pipe bursting, Turn-Key Tunneling has the solution for your failed culvert or sewer.