Buy or Rent? Great Question. Just ask our experts.

Turn-Key Tunneling can provide for sale or rent the following items for your boring and tunneling machine rental needs:

  • Robbins Small Boring Unit’s (SBU-A’s) – sizes 24” – 72.”
  • 24”- 60” Auger boring machines (larger boring machines may require operator from Turn-Key Tunneling).
  • 4” / 5” hex drive auger = 8” – 72.”
  • Hydraulic Tunnel Shields – 48″ to 192″ – and Power Units.
  • Pipe dollies.
  • Trench boxes 16′, 20′ or 24′ in length.
  • Vertical shaft construction and shaft plates.
  • Tunnel rail, tunnel dump buggies, clam buckets, dragline buckets.
  • Crawler cranes, conventional truck cranes, ladder cages, sheave blocks, dirt and soft rock cutting heads, grout pumps, man lift baskets, etc.
  • Mobile drill truck with Turn-Key Tunneling Operator.
  • Mobile test drilling for geo-technical investigations.
  • Turn-Key Tunneling machine operators can be provided in the following states -Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee and Michigan. Other states available upon request.
  • Custom equipment built to your specifications.
  • For details on availability email [email protected] or call our Contractor Representative directly @ (614) 275 – 4832 
    for more information.