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Malvern, PA

Malvern Station Pedestrian Tunnel

The project required keeping the 110-year-old station — a key stop for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) commuters — open for business, tunneling under live tracks, maintaining pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and working in a site penned in by a heavily used roadway.

Turn-Key Tunneling used a 15-ft diameter shield to complete the tunnel through sand and track fill with pockets of shale and hard rock at the bottom of the heading. The subsurface investigation included 14 total borings on the site to depths ranging from 25 to 40 ft below existing ground surface. .

The final product not only provided a convenient and safe manner in which to access the commuter train, it adds aesthetic appeal to the local neighborhood.


November 2010


Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority


Turn-Key Tunneling, Inc.
1247 Stimmel Road
Columbus, OH 43223
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Project Leader:

Brian Froehlich, PE


Malvern, PA