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The purpose of the Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. Company Culture Wheel is to establish rules of behavior for specific instances and to give employees a general guide for confronting ethical issues in their day-to-day business activities. 

Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. expects that every employee will act in strict compliance with all laws and with the highest ethical standards. Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. believes that there should never be a conflict between good business practices and proper ethical conduct, although the issues involved may sometimes make it difficult to choose the best course of action. 

Employees should always act in the best interest of Turn- Key Tunneling, Inc. Employees should avoid any activity that may compromise these interests. Employees should not be subjected to influences, outside interest, or relationships that may jeopardize the integrity of Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. This culture wheel represents Turn – Key Tunneling’s guiding principles. 

We Commit to each other and to ourselves. We know that competition is good, but we do not compete without giving the other shift a fair chance. We do not sacrifice the overall good of the team to claim personal accolades. The day shift helps the night shift. The night shift helps the day shift. We help others when we can. We are only as strong as our weakest team member. Our experienced guys help the new. Together we Can. Others are counting on you.  

Our work sometimes requires speaking loudly to overcome on-site high-volume noise levels, but our message and tone must be heard as constructive and understanding. We expect professionalism dealing with our teammates and everyone we come in contact with. We treat others the way we would like to be treated and when others do not reciprocate, we kindly ask them to do so. We understand that every person can make a contribution and we respect the different talents that others bring to the table. We don’t talk about anyone who is not present. 

Deep, Trenchless, and all Tunneling work must be done right the first time! The cost to fix work that is incorrectly installed is multiplied several times over the cost to get it right the first time. We do not give up. We get it right or we stop until we can get it right. We must start our projects as perfectly as humanly possible and continue with small adjustments until the project is completed. We perform alignment and grade checks multiple times, even though it might not be necessary. 

We can do more with less… Period. We do things that others cannot. We have a tremendous amount of confidence that our field personnel can deliver extraordinary results when given the tools they need to succeed. People who work here are the best in the industry. We hear great compliments from our customers all over the country that our people are top notch. We travel, we work, we go home. We find a way to fit it all in and are rewarded for it. 

SAFETY: The most important thing Everyone who works at Turn – Key Tunneling does every day is to be safe. We are committed to having the safest workforce in the industry. Underground and deep work is riskier than most. Every employee must have an OSHA 10 and everyone in the company at the Foreman level and above must have an OSHA 30 as well. We must have every person working here not just satisfied with a safe way, but determined to find, share and practice the Safest Way. 

COMPLIANCE: The second most important thing we do is compliance. We build our tunnels to specifications and industry standards. We are not satisfied with; “just get it across”, or “anywhere”. We take pride in our work and strive tirelessly to successfully maintain elevations, alignments and construction schedules. 

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Every employee at Turn – Key Tunneling is committed to a successful project for our customers. We are mindful of our customers wants and needs and make every reasonable effort to satisfy them. 

PRODUCTION: Production at Turn – Key Tunneling is not the most important thing we do. In fact, it is the fourth most important. Once we have addressed all the items related to our Safety, Compliance and Customer Satisfaction, it’s GO TIME. And you should watch us Go! Our Guys make it happen!