Hello All, I’d like to start by telling you how much I appreciate each member of the Turn – Key Team and that I recognize we wouldn’t be where we are without the contributions made by each and every one of our employees.

To say the least, it has been a challenge on many different levels this year. I want to thank all of you for your continued hard work through this crazy 2020 COVID year – it is greatly appreciated!

We are now an ESOP

As I shared with you all back in September, I am proud to say, Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc is an Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) Company. Our success over the years has been achieved only through the hard work and sacrifices that all of you made to make Turn – Key into a great company. This is an exciting thing for all of us and our retirement!

Turn – Key will continue to operate in the same way we have for the past fifteen years with only a few small changes… Christine is officially retired!

Congratulations, Christine!

Thank you for all that you have done for Turn-Key

We could not have done it without you! I am now the President of Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. Monica has been promoted to Vice President!

A speaker will be at our Year-End Meeting to go into more detail about ESOP and answer any questions you have. I look forward to seeing you all there! Stay safe.

Thanks again,
Brian, President