New Equipment

The Canyon CSD-100 Drill Attachment, (pictured above) is a drill attachment that will mount on to our Kubota U-17 mini excavator. This drill attachment is capable of drilling multiple size holes vertically and horizontally.

The drill works off hydraulics from the mini excavator to change the angle of set up and to push the drill rods. It has a separate control system that the driller will use that runs off of an air compressor which runs the actual drill. It can drill 20-60 feet in one shot.

In Canada it was drilling a 2” hole 8’ deep in Canadian Shield rock in 1 minute and 47 seconds. The hardest rock they have in Canada.

Work Smarter Not Harder

We have been running into a lot of shafts and tunnels that have been in some hard rock, tons of pretreatment, and concrete that is difficult and time consuming to split properly.

We are hoping this new piece of equipment will help in these situations and be less work on the guys and more work with machines. Work smarter not harder.

The project in Arlington, Virginia will be the first attempt with this attachment and hopefully it will perform above our expectations and be yet another tool for our field to use to be more successful.