New solutions for your old problems

Have an old sewer that is not designed for additional embankment or not structurally sound? How about an old corrugated metal pipe where the bottom has rusted out? Turn-Key Tunneling, Inc. offers our slip-lining services to limit any open cut excavation and minimize road or railroad closures.
Slip-lining is the process of installing a new pipe inside a host pipe that is either deteriorated or failing. The slip lining method is recommended when the problem consists of excessive infiltration in non-pressure pipes, severe corrosion, or when there is poor structural integrity.

The main advantages of this method are the minimal excavation required and the little interference with the underground structures. Reduced friction in the new pipe usually allows us to downsize the existing structure and still maintain carrying capacity of the sewer.

Turn-Key has developed a unique pipe-dolly system which allows us to carry the new liner pipe into position in lieu of pushing from one end. This approach allows us to access a point repair from a remote location.

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