I just wanted to personally say “THANK YOU” to Brian and Christine for trusting in us with a Company they spent many years building into a success and giving each of us the opportunity for an awesome place to work and a chance for a retirement we could have only hoped for!

Becoming an ESOP is such a great opportunity to every single one of us in this Company to continue the success of Turn - Key Tunneling, Inc. and really turn our retirement into a life on a sunny beach with a fruity drink after getting up to no alarm clock! Lol!

Learn about our ESOP

I am excited for everyone to learn how the ESOP works and what it means for you! We will be having someone come in December to discuss this with all of you that probably can explain it better than any of us can!

Be ready with any questions you may have about this because it will be the place to ask them!

Gift of Success

When anyone asks me what we should get Brian and Christine for a Christmas gift, the best gift we could ever give to them is to continue the success of Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. for many years to come!