Turn-Key Turns to Pilot Tube Method in Toledo

Turn-Key Tunneling Inc., one of Ohio’s premier full service trenchless contractors, was looking for a solution to increase the quality, line and grade accuracy of its clients’ steel casing installations while auger boring. Brian Froehlich, Vice President, contacted David Crandall of Icon Tunnel Systems to come up with a solution and system that could handle a critical steel casing project located in Toledo, Ohio, and continue serving their needs for years to come.

The Turn-Key crew sets a steel push wall behind the BM400 pilot tube machine.

On a rental, Icon supplied a Model BM400 pilot tube machine for the installation of the pilot rods for three crossings 144 ft in length under Norfolk Southern Railroad Tracks. ICON Tunnel Systems also supplied and fabricated steel adaptors for transitioning from pilot rods to 30 in. and then to the final 60-in. OD steel casing.  The final steel casing was installed only inches from existing conduit pipes.  A major contributor to the overall success of the project was the increased accuracy the BM400 pilot tube machine provided, making it possible to miss the conduit.

Turn-Key Tunneling, with the help of ICON’s pilot tube operator, finish the installation of 140 lf of double wall pilot rods in under 3 hours on better than designed line and grade for the project. The BM400 Machine will be removed from the pit and the final steel casing will be installed by Turn-Key Tunneling’s larger auger boring machine.

All threecrossings were installed without incident and Turn-Key Tunneling purchased the system to provide pilot tube boring for their existing and future clients. Shortly after the project in Toledo was completed, Turn-Key used the system on another project with two 80-ft pushes in Jackson, Tenn. On both projects, Icon supplied the system and operator training so that Turn-Key could efficiently operate the machine for future projects and handle the proper maintenance in house.

Shown is a steel casing adaptor (24 to 60 in. diameter) manufactured for Turn-Key Tunneling by ICON for use on this project.