We drill deeper, further and cost effectively.

Oil and gas exploration has seen tremendous traction throughout the United States in recent years as new technologies have allowed companies to drill deeper and further than once imagined. As companies race to bring these new found reserves to market, installation of new pipeline infrastructure has become paramount to being profitable.

Turn-Key Tunneling can perform on- grade installation for railroad crossings, wetland or protected areas, extreme hard rock formations, etc. to allow for timely installation of your pipeline needs. Turn-Key Tunneling has completed numerous projects throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia to facilitate pipeline installations. 

KEY Projects

Design-Build, Culvert Repair, Cleveland, OH

Projects Cleveland, Ohio Emerald Parkway NEORSD Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the Emerald Parkway Culvert Repair Project (EPCR) consisted of replacing a 250 linear foot section of collapsed 11-foot diameter corrugated metal pipe culvert. EPCR is adjacent to heavily utilized Interstate 480, under which the existing culverted creek flows. Upstream flooding,

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Pedestrian Tunnel Villanova Station

Projects West Chester, PA Villanova Station Pedestrian Tunnel Turn-Key Tunneling, Inc was subcontracted to install 15′ dia Pedestrian Tunnel 72 lin using 180″ gasket, galvanized, bituminous coated tunnel liner plate utilizing a tunnel shield. Special conditions: Performed beneath an active AMTRAK railroad per AMTRAK specifications. Excavation limits contained split face

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Pedestrian Tunnel Malvern Station

Projects Malvern, PA Malvern Station Pedestrian Tunnel The project required keeping the 110-year-old station — a key stop for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) commuters — open for business, tunneling under live tracks, maintaining pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and working in a site penned in by a heavily used roadway.

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