We drill further, deeper and more cost effectively.

Oil and gas exploration has seen tremendous traction throughout the United States in recent years as new technologies have allowed companies to drill deeper and further than once imagined. As companies race to bring these new found reserves to market, installation of new pipeline infrastructure has become paramount to being profitable.

Turn-Key Tunneling can perform on- grade installation for railroad crossings, wetland or protected areas, extreme hard rock formations, etc. to allow for timely installation of your pipeline needs. Turn-Key Tunneling has completed numerous projects throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia to facilitate pipeline installations. 

KEY Projects

Sewer & Culvert Repair in Toledo, OH

Projects Toledo Waterway Initiative TWI Phase II Downtown Storage Basin The Toledo Waterways Initiative (TWI) Program encompasses more than 45 separate projects over the course of 18 years, at a projected cost of $527 million As part of Phase II, Turn-Key Tunneling constructed a 725-ft rib and board tunnel utilizing

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Auger Boring Louisville, KY

Projects Louisville, KY Gene Snyder Expressway Turn-Key Tunneling set a record by boring 352 linear feet of 54” casing under the Gene Snyder Expressway in Louisville, Kentucky. After 35 working days of excavation, Ohio contractor Turn Key Tunneling Inc. had reason to celebrate. Their trenchless crossing beneath Interstate Highway 265

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Pedestrian Tunnel in White Oak, NC

Projects Cary, NC Pedestrian Tunnel under CSXT Railroad The White Oak Creek Greenway project for the Town of Cary consisted of the construction of approximately 0.5 miles of pedestrian improvements consisting of approximately 1,191 lf of concrete greenway. 102 lf of 14-ft diameter pedestrian tunnel under CSXT railroad, 916 lf

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